Lifeline Birmingham

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Lifeline Birmingham

We are the drug and alcohol project for young people under the age of 18 who come from any part of Birmingham.

Seeking help from Lifeline Birmingham

Most young people are worried before they come to see us. They fear that seeking help will make them appear weak or that they will lose face with their friends. Some think that they will be will talked down to by adults with little understanding of their lives or that we will tell the police everything they say.

Seeking help is difficult for anybody no matter what age you are. We see young people seeking help as something incredibly positive. It is not about weakness, it is about having the strength and determination to take control of your life.

The people who work for us have a range of different qualifications and life experiences. We are a very diverse team of women and men with a range of ages and ethnicities. Between us we have several hundred years of experience of understanding and helping young people. We won't judge you or talk down to you. We will treat you with respect, as an individual and as a person not a problem.

We don't repeat what you say to the police. The first thing we will do when we meet you is to explain our policy on confidentiality. Our job is to gain your trust by being honest with you from the start.

How can Lifeline Birmingham help me?

Our first concern is your safety. If you are taking drugs, we can help you by advising you on less dangerous ways of using.

If you want support in cutting down or stopping your use of drugs or alcohol then we can help you make a plan and support you while you turn that plan into reality.

We can offer you advice and information about drugs and alcohol, safer sex, mental health issues, self-esteem and anger management and lots more.

We can provide you with the opportunity to try new activities from creative writing to rock climbing.

We can help you to relax by offering advice and access to complementary therapies including auricular acupuncture

We can be flexible about where and when we meet with you