Lifeline Birmingham


Why would I want to work with Lifeline Birmingham?

If I come to Lifeline Birmingham, what will my worker be like?

Do I have to come to the Lifeline Birmingham Office for my appointment?

If I come to Lifeline Birmingham what will happen when I get there?

Will anyone else be there I might know?

The Lifeline Birmingham building is used by lots of people from across the whole of Birmingham. If you are worried about bumping into someone you don't want to see, please let your worker know when you arrange your appointment so we can make sure we make arrangements to ensure you feel comfortable.

Will you tell anyone else what I tell you?

Lifeline Birmingham will not tell anyone else what you tell us without discussing this with you. At your first appointment your worker will ask you about your family and any other professionals working with you. They will ask your permission to talk to these people to make sure you are getting the best care from everyone involved in your life.

If you do not give us your permission to speak to other people, the only time we would have to share information about you is if we had reason to believe you were at risk of serious harm (from physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect or sexual exploitation).

What would happen at my first appointment?

At your first appointment your worker will introduce themselves and spend time explaining to you what you can expect from Lifeline Birmingham. Your worker will already know a little bit about you from your referral (if you did not refer yourself to Lifeline Birmingham, whoever referred you should have spoken to you and got your permission before sharing your information with us).

In order for Lifeline Birmingham to help you achieve your goals, your worker will spend your first and maybe second session asking you some questions and talking to you about lots of areas of your life, not just your drug/alcohol use. We don't do this because we are nosey, this information helps us to understand you and your situation and how best we can support you in making any changes you hope to achieve.

Your worker will then support you in making a plan that explains step-by-step how you will achieve your goals and to agree how long this will take. You will review this plan regularly allowing you to see what progress you are making and to set new targets.

If I decide I want to work with lifeline Birmingham, what do I need to do?

If you would like to speak to someone about working with Lifeline Birmingham, please give us a call on 0121 622 7780. A duty worker will answer the phone and will be able to chat with you about your situation and how best we can help.

If you just want some more information: We can talk with you on the phone and send you out some further info either by post or email. The envelopes we use are plain so no one will know what is inside or where it has come from.

If you already have an adult you can talk to: We can send out information and resources to someone you already know if you would rather speak to them. This could be a teacher, youth worker or anyone you feel could help you.

If you decide you would like some more support from a Lifeline Birmingham worker: We will need some information about you. You can either call us yourself or ask someone else to call for you.

Some information we will need is:
Your name, date of birth, ethnicity, address (including postcode), who you live with and a contact telephone number;

Are your parents/carers aware of your drug/alcohol use and do they know about the referral to lifeline Birmingham

Details of any other agencies you are working with (e.g. School, YOS, Social care, Connexions etc)

What substances you are using, how often and what problems this is causing for you;

If you have a preference about where you would like to be seen and when

Once we have this information your worker will contact you to arrange an appointment.

What will happen when I work with Lifeline Birmingham?

When you meet your worker they will talk to you about lots of things in your life, not just your drug and alcohol use to help them understand what is going on for you. Based on what you tell them you will make a plan together, this is called a 'care plan' and will keep a record of what you want to achieve in your time working with Lifeline Birmingham and how to get there. This could include learning to use more safely, reducing the amount you use or stopping all together. They can be someone easy to talk to who can offer advice and practical support to help you reach your goals.

What is success?

Success when working with Lifeline Birmingham is whatever you want it to be! You set your goals and you decide when you have reached them. You might want to stop using drugs all together, reduce how much or how often you use or just learn about using more safely.
Your worker will help you track your progress and you can finish your work whenever you like.