Lifeline Birmingham

D-I-Y Guides

These are some of the worksheets we use at Lifeline Birmingham that you can download and try for yourself.

Cannabis Diary

Keep a diary of your cannabis use, how often you use it, how much you spend and how it makes you feel.
Download the Cannabis Diary

Coping Strategies

What triggers your drug or alcohol use? Use this worksheet to help you develop a plan to deal tricky situations.
Download the Coping Strategies

Tips to reduce smoking

Download this useful list of tips to help you cut down on smoking.
Download the tips to reduce smoking

Drink Diary

Use this diary to keep a record of your drinking, when it was, who you were with, how much it cost and what happened.
Download the drink diary

Cutting down on drugs

Use this chart to help with making decisions about cutting down on drugs
Download the cutting down on drugs chart

What type of drinker are you?

Use this quiz to find out more about your drinking.
Download the “What type of drinker are you?” questionnaire