Lifeline Birmingham

1. What will happen when you access our service?

Should you agree to be referred to Lifeline Birmingham then your allocated worker will contact you. An appointment will be arranged in a suitable place where you will feel comfortable. Your worker will undertake an assessment to establish what support you require and how best Lifeline Birmingham can assist you. Together you will develop a Care Plan, which outlines what work can be provided to best meet your needs. All this is done at your own pace and in your own time.
We are happy to see people at the service; we also deliver an outreach service where staff will meet with young people at a local service within their community or school.
Lifeline Birmingham will discuss the confidentiality policy and ensure that you fully understand what this means.

Confidentiality: Lifeline Birmingham offers you a confidential service. This means we will not tell anyone what we talk about, without your consent. There are some occasions when we will have to break confidentiality.

For instance: If you are under 18:

For everyone:

2. How we work with other agencies

Lifeline Birmingham recognise that working with other agencies is very important. At the assessment stage Lifeline Birmingham will ask you if you are working with any other agencies and whether you agree to Lifeline Birmingham making contact with them.
Lifeline Birmingham can also make referrals to agencies that may be best suited to meet your needs, for example Connexions, sexual health services and housing services.

3. Complaints & Compliments

We aim at all times to provide efficient, effective and high-quality services.
We appreciate praise and compliments regarding a member of staff or a team. We will also respond positively and promptly to criticism and to suggestions for improving our services. Lifeline Birmingham conducts a positive approach to handling complaints and is a central part of our customer care. We care about the people of Birmingham and want to listen to your views. If you are dissatisfied with the service you can contact the service manager (see Contact details).

4. Opening hours

Office opening: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm.

Services are provided out of office opening times on a needs led basis.

Lifeline Birmingham has access to an interpreting service for non-English speaking young people and families